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Social responsibility and sustainability is one of principle that continuously and firmly holds by the Company. Therefore, in performing its business, the Company always takes into account both matters consisting of several aspects, among others Environment, Social and Education, Quality Assurance and Manpower.


The environmental preservation has for long time become the world’s focus in an effort to materialize the continuous development. Therefore, the Company has commitment to continuously create business growth in line with the increase in environmental quality. The environmentally friendly business activity shall be materialized by the Company through:


  • Responsibility to Waste Processing and Supervision

The Company tries to minimize the negative impact of waste produced by maintaining the environment and construct the waste processing plant in order that the waste produced is save for the surrounding environment. The waste processing passes several tight processes and monitoring system routinely carried out whether every day or regularly by monthly.

On every day the waste processing water is controlled tightly by the waste monitoring team and Quality Control Department. In addition, the waste is also monitored by monthly by the management of MM 2100 Industrial Town, Bekasi. Then, the monitoring and controlling result already carried out are reported by semi-annually to the Regional Environment Management Board (BPLHD) and entered to the Report on Implementation of Environmental Management Plan and Environmental Monitoring Plan (RKL & RPL) that then reported to the Ministry of Environment.

Meanwhile, for the waste of Hazardous and Toxic Material (B3), the Company has had permit to temporarily keep save B3 waste, that then the waste are transported by the third party.

  • Responsibility in Materializing Healthy Work Environment

The Company always does its best to materialize the healthy work environment for its employees. Therefore, in an effort to maintain the air quality in the Company’s environment, reforestration around the Company is continuously made, in addition the Company also routinely carries out the emission test to the boiler or chimney emission. While to maintain work environment, the Company routinely carries out ambient checking (air condition) of production room and room noise.

  • Responsibility in Creating Environmental Friendly Products

The Company has commitment to continuously develop the beneficial and qualified product for the consumers but remaining with good synergy to the environment. Therefore, in the product development, the Company always applies 3R policy, i.e. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle without prejudice to the consumers’ satisfying from quality, function and design aspects. They are materialized by the Company by offering refill package product in its several products, such as GATSBY Body Shower Gel, PIXY Two Way Cake, and others. In addition, currently the Company also gradually replaces polyethylene as the raw material of microbeads difficultly unravel, replaced by the easily unravel and environmentally friendly raw material. It constitutes the materialization of the Company’s commitment in minimizing the negative impact generated by the Company to the environment.


The human being is the key to attain the future. Therefore, to develop the future, the first conducted is to build the human being. Mandom is a human oriented company. Therefore, the human being development has always become the key attention of the Company. The human being plays the important role in attaining the continuous development in the community, being the balancer between the economy and environment.

The Company has commitment to build the business that is able to provide benefit for every element of community. In an effort to materialize the matters above during 2017, the Company has held and taken part in several social activities, among others:

  • Yokoso! Mandom

Yokoso! Mandom is a factory visit program held by the Company in an effort to build good relation with the education world and vast community. Through Yokoso! Mandom program which means Welcome to Mandom, the Company welcome education community or institution desiring to know closer the business process of the Company. In addition to the factory visit, the participants were also provided with grooming knowledge in order that they are able to maintain the appearance maximally. Along 2017, 15 institutions and communities have attended this Yokoso! Mandom program at total participants reached almost 1,000 people.

  • Cooperation of Beauty & Handsome Class with Education Institution

As the company running business in personal care and beauty product sector, the Company always desires to plant the importance to maintain the appearance for all communities, including the young generation. To materialize such matter, the Company has carried out the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with several Universities and Education Institution in various regions in Indonesia in procuring the Beauty Class and Handsome Class for the leaners. Such cooperation is expected to be able to increase the awareness of young generation on the importance of maintaining the appearance and respecting their bodies.

  • Mandom Goes to School

The Company has commitment to continuously support and advance the education world in Indonesia. It is materialized by the Company in Mandom Goes to School activity. Through this program, the Company visits several Vocational High Schools (SMK) by providing seminar about preparation to encounter the working world. In such activity, the leaners will also be provided with several tips related to preparation on working world such as CV preparation until interview practice. Through this activity the Company expects that the students of SMK are more ready to encounter the working world.


In materializing its responsibility to the consumers, the Company always does its best to create the best product that always able to provide the inspiration and good image for the consumers. In materializing the matters above, the Company tightly carries out the supervision to production process starting from early process until the product arrived at the consumers. In addition, the Company also cautiously carries out the test to the raw material used according to the standard of Mandom Corporation, Japan and also Food and Drug Control Agency (BPOM).

In line with the increase in the community’s need for Halal product, in 2017 almost all Company’s products have obtained Halal certificate. By obtaining Halal certification with the Company’s product, it is expectedly able to increase the sense of safe and comfort for the consumers in using the Company’s products.

Meanwhile, in the effort to build good communication with the consumers, the Company also provides customer service through telephone line or social media ready to answer every question and respond to consumers’ complaint. The Company expects that through both services the consumers are able to feel closer to the Company and strengthen the consumers’ trust to the Company’s products.


According to the Company’s Mission i.e. a human oriented company (Human to Human), the Company always appreciates every human resources therein. To this end, the Company continuously tries to create a conducive work environment and atmosphere, as well as fulfills the employees’ rights such as, health, security & safety facilities in working, until career development.

The program above is proven by the Company by re-attaining of WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certification by the Company for the three times. By obtaining WRAP certification, it is proven that the Company has implemented safe business activity in the production process, comply with the legislation on environment, and always fulfill its employees’ rights.

While WRAP principles related to Manpower are as follows:


  • Not Carried out Forced Labor to Employee

As a human oriented company, the Company highly upholds its employees’ rights. Thereby in its business process, the Company will not employ its employees by force, involuntarily or trafficking. It is proven by the existence of SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) on Manpower Employment, where the Company actively communicates the ban of forced labor, mentions the ban of forced labor in the work contract signed by both parties, carries out physical checking to the employee whenever coming and going home according to the decency norm, and routinely the officer caries out the checking to ensure that there is no forced labor practice in the Company’s environment.

  • Not Hiring Underage Workers

In performing its business, the Company will not hire the underage workers. It is proven by the existence of SOP on Ban of Hiring of Underage Workers, where the Company caries out age verification to its prospective employees through the data and interview, as well as communicates actively the ban on hiring of underage workers to all employees and outsourcing party.

  • Strictly Prohibiting Harassment and Torture

The Company strictly prohibits harassment and torture in the Company’s environment. It is proven by the existence of SOP on Ban of Harassment and Torture, in which the Company actively communicates the ban of harassment and torture to all stakeholders, carries out periodical monitoring, and secures that every reporting on harassment and torture act will as soon as possible be followed up.

  • Providing Compensation and Benefit according to Provisions

The Company always does its best to provide compensation and benefit according to the determined standard. It is conducted as mentioned in the Collective Labor Agreement, already signed by the Company and Labor Union.

  • Employing Employee According to Determined Time

The Company employs its employees according to the time already determined. While for the increase in working hour, it has been approved by the employee by obtaining the pay increment according to the working hour, and the increase in working hour will not exceed the time limit already determined.

  • Ban of Discrimination

The Company prohibits the discrimination practice in its business activity. The Company always hires, provides salary and promotes the employee objectively without seeing SARA (Ethnic, Religion, Race, Inter-Group). Thereby the career development activity becomes the right of all employees. It is proven by the holding of career development activity applied to all employees, already adjusted to each position, thereby it is expected that the career development can be made maximally. Several trainings attended by the employees in 2017 are among others:


1 Independent and Prosperious Pension
2 Training for Trainer
3 Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in Confined Space
4 Performance Testing & Spesification
5 The 26th Meeting of The ASEAN Cosmetic Committee (ACC) held by Ministry of Health, Cambodia
6 Safety Assessment of Cosmetics
7 Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) for Electricity
8 27th ASEAN Cosmetic Committee (ACC) and Its Related Meetings held by BPOM
9 Seminar of Cosmetics Evaluation : Claim, Efficacy & Safety Assessment
10 Preparation of Safety Data Report in Product Information Files of Cosmetic


In addition, for new employees, the Company also provides a new employee orientation program with objective in order that the employees are able to identify his right as employee, and understand the Company’s business entirely.

  • Always take into account Occupational Health, Security and Safety

The Company always does its best to take into account its employees including in case of occupational health, security and safety materialized by the Company through various activities, among others:

Medical Check-up

In maintaining the employees’ health, the Company routinely provides medical check-up and health seminar for all employees. It is expected that, by conducting such activity, employees are able to control and prevent several diseases arising as the consequence of unhealthy life style such as cholesterol risk and heart disease. In addition, the Company also provides clinic for the employees suffering from sickness or requires first aid when in the Company’s environment.



Pink Talk

To welcome the month of Breast Cancer awareness, in October 2017 the Company entered into cooperation with Love Pink Foundation to hold Pink Talk, i.e. Talk Show related to the importance of carrying out early detection employees to play role actively to become the Pink Warriors, i.e. care agent of Breast Cancer with various knowledge related to importance of early detection of Breast Cancer to his family and partners.


Breastfeeding Corner

The Company also takes part in supporting exclusive breastfeeding by providing breastfeeding Corner for the breastfeeding female employees.

Applying Occupational Health and Safety (SMK3) Management System

For occupational health and safety, the Company has applied Occupational Health and Safety (SMK3) Management System. This application is the Company’s commitment to the quality, occupational health and safety as well as environment for all managements, employees and community. To support such application, the Company routinely involves the employee and provides several trainings among others, fire evacuation drill, carries out the checking of APAR (Light Fire Extinguisher) equipment, until the training related to occupational health and safety (K3).

In relation to the Company’s program in taking into account the occupational health and safety, in 2017 the Company received the Appreciation Certificate related to the application of Occupational Health and Safety Management System from the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia.


  • Respecting Freedom of Employee in Union & Bargaining

The Company respects its employees’ right to implement their valid rights, to negotiate jointly. It is proven by the existence of the Labor Union that always be involved in the preparation of Collective Labor Agreement.

In addition, as the materialization of the Company’s commitment in creating the employee’s more prosperous future, the Company also provides Training on Pension Preparation and Pension Fund program of Employer with fixed benefit system in which starting from 2014 the Company applied fixed contribution system for the new membership. In early, the Pension Fund was established and managed by Tancho Indonesia Foundation since 1992. But in 1996 it has changed to become Pension Fund of Mandom Indonesia. Such change was made in line with the provisions in the Law No.11 of 1992 Regarding Pension Fund. Currently, the Pension Fund has 1,586 participants.

The Company has commitment to always increase the awareness to its employees, whether from occupational health, security, safety aspects until career development from time to time. And it is expected that such matter is able to decrease the turnover rate of employee that in 2017 it was recorded amounting to 2%.

While total costs incurred by the Company for social responsibility activity along 2017 were amounting to Rp 3.75 billion with breakdown as follows:

       - Manpower            : Rp. 3,0 billion

       - Environment        : Rp 750 million